Today Michael tells the story of how he fell down the rabbit whole of audiophilia and walks us through his reference system.  Then, we do the Great Headphone Bake-Off, volume 1, testing $100 vs $150 vs $1800 headphones.  A pretty fascinating…and unexpected result from that test!

Gear Guide:

Educational Moments/Power Tips:

  • 09:28 – Apple TV; For audio it’s bad. Because Apple TV is designed for video which is 16bit/48hz. So it changes whatever you send it.
  • 19:20 – Tidal tip: on portable devices you can download hi-res files/playlists.
  • 24:43 – When you start spending a considerable amount of money on high end headphones you generally need an amp to go with them.
  • 32:40 – To consider when selecting your headphones:
    • Are they comfortable?
    • Do they fit your head?
    • Can you wear them for a long period of time?
  • 36:20 – Try to find sound designers who you like, find out how their ear works and what gear they use when creating

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