11: A BIG Announcement, LA Audio Show Wrapup, Anthem MRX 1120 Review, and YOUR questions!

On today’s show we have a special announcement!  We have a new Co-host, Mr. Harris Fogel!  (Star of Episode 9)  Harris has been in the biz for many many years, and will offer years of “insider” perspective.  This episode was great…we caught up with Harris and his home reference systems, then we chatted about the LA Audio Show.
Michael reviews the flagship AVR from Anthem the MRX 1120, then we dig into your questions!
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10: 4 Epic LA Audio Show Interviews, starring Sonus Faber/Mcintosh, 1MoreUSA, Paradigm, and Cambridge Audio

Audiophile PodcastJust back from the LA Audio Show, and we got some GREAT interviews with William Kline of Sonus Faber/Mcintosh, Ari Morguelan from 1MoreUSA, Chris Sipes from Paradigm/Anthem, and Gregg Chopper from Cambridge Audio, all of whom shared amazing insights about their products, the industry, and where we’re going.
Most importantly, they all had to answer the question:  What would you do with $3000?

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