Sure, You’ve Listened To Music recently.

But You Haven’t Heard It in years.

We live in the technology age.  It makes us more efficient with our day to day activities.  

We have phones in our pocket that are more capable than what we went to the moon with in 1969.

They also store and play our entire music library.  The songs we listened to as kids.  The songs that got us through the most troublesome times in our lives.  The songs that moved us, motivated us, and saved us from ourselves. 

The problem is…in this world of convenience versus quality, we lost a lot of what the artists tried to instill into our music.  

The nuance. The feeling.  The detail. 

That detail is lost with compressed mp3’s, bluetooth speakers, and Spotify. But that’s how we listen to music these days. 

Want to experience the London Philharmonic in all it’s glory?

Need to hear the soul of Stevie Ray Vaughan’s guitar? 

Want to hear the punch that Michael Jackson danced to? 

One of those is terribly inconvenient…the other two are impossible this day and age. 

Beginner Audiophile was created to help you find your way back to music.  To the feeling of truly experiencing what the artist intended as they recorded.  It doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars.  But I’ll bet when you sit down in front of your new system, it will make you feel like a million bucks. 

We’re happy to help you find your way back to one of life’s most important experiences.  It’s the core of what the movement is about. 

If we can answer anything for you, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line on the contact form. 

Michael O’Neal – Head Audio Neophyte