Podcast Advertising ROI


The Problem

Between travel, lodging, shipping, planning, and the cost of multiple employees, audio shows are very expensive for manufacturers.  There’s also the problem of the attendees, where sometimes it seems like the average age is 60 years old, and we’ve seen the same faces for 20 years.  The main question is: “How do we connect with listeners that are new to the hobby, and bring them into our ecosystem?”.  We know that brand loyalty is huge in the HiFi community, and that every new customer can lead to thousands of dollars of lifetime value.

But…how do we reach them? 

What if…

What if there was a platform that attracted thousands of targeted customers monthly?  Customers looking for gear recommendations.  Customers at the entry-level stage to the hifi hobby.  Customers literally holding their credit cards as they type an email looking for specific advice on audio equipment.


There is now. 

Enter Beginner Audiophile

Beginner Audiophile was launched in March 2017 by Michael O’Neal (the beginner) and Dr. Paul Anderson (The old school audiophile).  Recent co-hosts include Harris Fogel of Mac Edition Radio and Patrick Norton of Tech TV, The Screen Savers, and the Twit network.
The beginner audiophile show is meant to bridge the gap between “big box” consumers and hifi snobs, with the goal of bringing new people into the hobby.  We test and review products to see if they make a “real world” difference to the new audiophile, without all the snake oil.  The show is available on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, iHeartradio, and worldwide, and garners around 4000 (targeted) listens per episode.

What They Are Saying

Here are a few comments from the hundreds of emails we receive due to the show.  Some are literal buying decisions, while others are just feedback. (Thankfully, most of it is awesome!)


On buying decisions:

I have a budget of around $2000 I’m ok starting of with just a 2.1 or 3.1 channel system and move up from there. My question is what do you think between the ELAC Uni-Fi UF5 and the Klipsch Reference RF-7 II speakers?


I have a vintage set up: Marantz 2270 with Pioneer HPM-100 speakers. Mostly use for vinyl. Want to figure out how to stream music other than with regular boring aux cord ha. Do you think the Sonica DAC is a good way to stream music through? You think the mix of old and new gear will sound okay?


I’ve settled on getting the Rotel A-12 (very excited about it). I’m going to be running my (very basic, will need to upgrade later) u-turn orbit turntable into it. The folks at park audio here in NYC suggested that I pair them up with the B&W 686 S2. Have you guys tested these speakers? what are your thoughts? Rusty


Hi guys, I just stumbled upon your Audiophile podcast and love it. I look forward to many more episodes. Keep up the great work. Regards Alberto

This is a great podcast for many reasons, but mainly for the relaxed and entertaining conversational style. Michael and Paul are obviously enthusiastic about audio gear but they keep it so the beginner can understand. If they dive too deep into “tech speak”, they quickly unpack the subject and add definitions, context and examples so the layman can quickly understand, appreciate and follow along. This is good because they talk about some really interesting and fun gear that I have never heard of, and I’ve been an audiophile in some form or another for about 30 years. Michael is an experienced podcaster who from the beginning on his other shows (the Solopreneur Hour and the Hines Ward Show) has raised the bar high so that people will adopt and appreciate podcasting as a medium. What I mean by this is that he repeatedly demonstrates the use of quality recording gear and use and stresses that if the show sounds good, people will listen and subscribe to more shows. Well Done Michael and Paul! Looking forward to more episodes! Bryan

Hey guys!
I wanted to just shout out and say how much I enjoy your podcast. I randomly found you guys just after you posted the first episode and was hooked ever since.
I am actually an sales person for one of the largest HiFi dealers in the country. And as I’m sure you know most of the “HiFi” guys don’t go to stores and ask for advice, they come in “knowing” what “the best is” and then they buy it. But your show and how you explain HiFi in layman terms has made it easier to work with the clients who just want good music, it has allowed me to explain what good sound is and how to achieve this with in any budget without going over their head and confusing them. Because of this I have recommended this podcast to every client I talk to that wants to get into this world as well. So thanks again and please keep them coming. Breck

Advertising Info (April 2018)

  • 1 “Ad Slot” equals a 15-second pre-roll and a minimum of a 60 second mid-roll ad.
  • Ads are typically “live reads” and not pre-recorded
  • Includes Facebook and Instagram Social Media Posts. (Frequency varies with ad package)
  • Quarterly ad buys required (6 episodes) with monthly or quarterly payment option.
  • Current download stats between 3000-4500 unique listens per episode.
  • Monthly reach of targeted customers approx. 6000-9000.

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